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Shirdi Sai Baba's Ardent Devotee - SHIVAMMA TAAYEE

sivamma thayi1

Born on 16-5-1891 in a village called VELLAI KINARU near Coimbatore in Tamil Naidu. At 1-00PM.

Attained Samadhi in 1994.
She lived for 103 years.
Original name - Raajamma.
Name given by BABA: Shivamma Taayee
Father: Velappa Gounder
Mother: Pushpavathi ammaal
Education: upto third class.She knew only TAMIL
Year of Marriage: March 1904 in her 13th year
Husband: Subramanya Gounder
Son: Mani raaj

About herself as narrated by Raajamma/Shivamma Thayee:-

Her uncle (father's elder brother) Thangavel Gounder brought Shirdi SAI BABA to a village near Pollachi in the year 1906(In Sai Satcharithra, we were told that BABA never went any where leaving SHIRDI, except to nearby villages. This incident narrated by Raajamma shows that BABA is omnipresent). Her age was 15 .She had a one year old son Mani Raj.BABA’s estimated age at that time would have been 71 year old.

BABA stayed there for 2 days in that village. BABA initiated her with Gayathri Mantram in her ear, and also wrote down Gayathri Manthram on a paper with pencil in Tamil and gave it to her. She lost the paper. BABA came in her dream and told her that the slip was in the Rice storage drum. From the time she met BABA, she was longing to go to Shirdi for BABA's darshan .

She had to get the permission from her husband for this. She asked for it and also asked him to take her to Shirdi.He was a non believer. But got belief on BABA with the happening of a miracle. Then, he agreed to take her to Shirdi. It was in 1908 at her 17th year. BABA used to talk to her in Tamil only.

Shivamma taayee described about SHIRDI SAI BABA:-

"HE is 6 feet tall. HIS hands are very long, and the finger of the hands cross beyond the knee.HE is very fair.HIS nose is long and sharp with broad openings. HIS eyes are not black, but blue with very sharp vision. HIS eyes are always glowing like bright light, and they are glowing like that of cat/ tiger. HE is having''' TEJAS”. On seeing HIM, I felt that GOD himself came on to this land as human being. HE liked to cook and feed all the beings,--including human, pets, creatures etc.When I went first time to Shirdi, we, all our family members and other devotees, saw that “Ganji” (cooked rice with more water) was getting cooked in a big vessel. While we were seeing, BABA folded his kafini of the arm above, and started mixing the boiling Ganji with his bare hand for long time. We all saw that wonderful incident. HE himself distributed that Ganji to all beings.”


She continued...."After our return from Shirdi, my husband saw one advertisement in paper, that T.R.Mill in Bangalore wanted supervisor. He applied for it, and by BABA's grace, he got the job". We shifted to Bangalore and started living in Chamarajpet. I myself used to go to Shirdi 3 or 4 times a year. My husband did not like this. When he questioned, I used to tell him'' For me, BABA is my GURU. To me no other God or devathas are important. So it is natural for me to go and have darshan of BABA” He asked me'' why you chose BABA as your guru?”

I said '' HE is one SADGURU GOD incarnation. That is why I chose HIM as my guru. I pray HIM only, with full heart. I would like to go to Shirdi whenever my heart will long for it.”

I used to go to Shirdi 3 or 4 times, irrespective of my husbands dislike. I used to stay there for aFew days, see the miracles of BABA, take the shower of HIS blessings. I considered my self very fortunate. In course of time, I used to spend time in the house itself, doing the parayan of HIS name. With this, slowly I experienced detachment and lost interest in the family life.

I continued to visit Shirdi and visited number of times.BABA used to treat me as HIS own daughter. HE used to shower blessings on me. Sometimes I was the only spectator for HIS wonderful acts. I was the only witness to HIS yoga saadhana,like Khanda yoga etc.”(Also mentioned in Sai Satcharitra ) Shivamma taayee was there when BABA was narrating the poorva janma of snake & Frog.This chapter is also mentioned in Sai Satcharitra in detail .

She stepped on the cut parts like hand & leg of BABA,which were lying out side the masjid(Dwarakamayi) when HE was doing Khandayoga in the night at 1-30 PM in 1915 when she was 24 years old. She also saw BABA when HE was doing DHOUTIYA YOGA at the well outside the masjid.BABA used to take her to the well at the outskirts of Shirdi and show the Yogaabhyaasaas.


Shivamma taayiee’s husband left her after getting fed up with her and marrried another woman. Then she went to mother's place and stayed there. Her son Maniraj got the post of sub inspector, but he and his wife died in an accident later.Her father took her to Shirdi after her husband left her.BABA not only blessed her but also asked her to stay in one of the choultries of HIS devotee and asked her to spend time reciting HIS naamam.

BABA attained Mahasamadhi on October 15th 1918 at 2-30PM. She says"Shirdi SAI BABA is the incarnation of SHIVA.HE is the incarnation of DATTATREYA. BABA changed my name to SHIVAMMA TAAYEE(mother of SHIVA), in the year 1917. BABA said “ From to day you are called Shivamma Taayee.Go to Bangalore , the capital of Karnataka , My blessings to you, You will start an ashramam in my name.ALLA MAALIK”

Construction of Ashram /Temple :

She followed the instructions of BABA.She lived many years by begging, meditating and saying Sai naamama always roaming in Bangalore.

In 1944, one great soul,Sri Narayana Reddy and his wife Sharadamma gave some land ,the land at Roopen agrahara,near Madiwala at Bangalore for her to stay. She did penance for 12 years there without food. Ants built up “Putta” around her and she was completely submerged in that. One snake also used to rest on her head during this period.

One day many devotees from Bangalore assembled and by chanting BABA's name, skilfully made the snake to leave from the jatajutam of Shaivamma taayee. They all requested her to put an end to the Tapas, which she had been doing it for 12 years.She did so and spent life with the namasmarana of BABA.

sivamma thayi

She constructed a temple for BABA and an elementary school in the name of BABA for poor children. (In 1973).It was later upgraded to High School (in 1991). Many SAI devotees from all over and her relatives, grand children used to visit her. Her relatives, who were in a very good financial position asked her to come and stay comfortably with them. But she never desired to leave the place saying that she did not want to leave from the shelter and the feeling of being drenched with the shower of enormous love and blessings of her GURU Shri BABA In this ashramam.

In 1993 she said "My samadhi is being constructed in the SAI BABA temple itself. It is almost completed and at the time when I or my Guru decides, my body has to be kept in that and the top has to be closed. That is the only work pending.” she continued"BABA ,during HIS life time and even after HIS Samadhi, is taking care of me, showing me the way, helping me, and showing kindness. My each inhalation and exhalation is because of HIS blessing and wish. Even after HE left HIS physical body, HE is always in contact with me with HIS “sukshma sareeram”(cosmic body).He is talking in good Tamil”She continued" Frequently He is meeting me either in HIS physical body or cosmic body, talking to me, guiding me, cautioning me if required and telling me any thing HE wanted to tell me.””

She constructed two temples of BABA in the ashramam.In one of them she installed Black colour Pratima of BABA.


This kind of pratimas,one black colour pratima and the other one in begging posture are not seen any where to my knowledge. In the other, she installed Pratima of BABA in the standing, begging posture as asked by BABA in her dream, made out of marble by a sculptor brought for this purpose from Rajasthan.

These two temples are apart from the Pooja room of Shivamma Tayee where she installed the pratima of BABA in silver, by getting it done there itself by a gold smith.

Devotees used to approach her and ask her to help in solving their problems.Shivamma Tayee used to pray BABA and give them her visionary solutions, blessings and wishes of BABA. This, she did not do every time, to every body, at all times. She used to do to only one devotee at a time with restriction.

She said"Before my GURU, I am like a dust particle. I am not here without HIM. This is the truth. What ever these devotees are getting from me like-wishes, blessings,boons,Philosophical mental strength,--everything is coming actually from BABA. " She used to tell the devotees "If you completely surrender to SAMARTHA SADGURU SHIRDI SAI BABA, you will not have any problem. Deep mental peace will come to you automatically.”

She explained what ever she knew about BABA's birth,life, teachings etc.This is the photo of silver Pratima which was installed by Shivamma Tayee.


A visit detail about Shirdi Sai Baba temple, Roopen Agrahara, Bangalore :

Though I never had the privilege of stepping on the blessed soil of Shirdi, it is always made up for, by a visit to the other divine Sai temples on every visit to India. One such visit is to the Shirdi Sai Baba temple at Roopen Agrahara in Bangalore. This Sai temple that I visited on the Holy Thursday has a history.

I heard about it first from my Uncle who also visited it only recently after reading about it in one of the Sai

Leela books. The first thing that struck me as I entered the holy temple was the black moorthy of Baba; I had never seen such an Image of Baba before. The eyes are painted golden and appear as though they are illuminated. The pratima is installed in the second Room facing the entrance into the small building. The Poojari understood that it was my first visit to the temple. He offered to take me Around and told briefly the story of Shivamma Thayee, a great devotee of Baba who Stayed in the place for over 70 years. Shivamma Thayee was born in 1889; she attained Samadhi in 1994 at the same place where the temple is located. She had a son after whose Marriage she took up the spiritual path. She had the privilege of receiving Upadesh directly from Baba.

Her Samadhi is in the lower level, right below the pratima of Sai Baba. The Samadhi room is very small with a narrow space and might just fit not more that 10 people. There is Chavadi building right next to the main temple. The Chavadi was actually the home that Amma lived in. There is also a small prayer room with Silver pratima of Baba. Adjacent to the Chavadi is the Dwarakamayee. Here we can find the pratima of Baba in standing posture holding on to the tin container(dabba).

Direction to reach Sai Baba temple :

The directions to reach this place , On Hosur Road, when going from Madiawala/Koramangala, After the Silk board flyover take the Right into a small lane, the road takes a sharp left and then a sharp right, the Temple is located on the left, just before a T intersection on the same road. The Temple has no visible signage outside,hence might be a bit difficult to find, but I hope the directions given here would be of help. Sai Ram

Future projects-social welfare projects:

Sri Narayana Reddy garu and his wife Sharadamma gave land to Shivamma Tayee with a big heart,and they were instrumental to the up bringing of BABA's Mutt, as they call. At present Sri Gopala Reddy garu and his wife Kamalamma garu are taking care of the proper maintainance of the temple,school,Old age home etc.It is worth noting that nearly 800 students are taking free education in their school in the premises

They are maintaining the school in a very disciplined way and giving free education to all the poor students, studying in that school. They have also given free shelter to 7 old poor gents and 7 women in their Old age home. The premises are kept very neat and the inmates are being given very nice food free of cast. They are given free treatment also when ever required.Mr.Nagaraj is the teacher cum manager to look after all the activities of school and ashramam.Mr.Venkata Raju & his brother Mr.Sampangi perform pooja ,archana,abhishekam to BABA daily in all the 3 temples.

The address of the ashramam/Temple:

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Matt.
Roopen agrahara, NGR layout
Off Hosur main road,
Madiwala post,
Bangalore -68




Sai Paada Dhooli said...

Thank you very much... your article is very nice.
Today I feel very blessed to visit Sai baba temple at Rupena Agrahaara
I feel to speak to Thayee, I am unfortunate that she has attained maha samadhi
I was speechless when I visited the Mandir...
Their blessings are needed for our Sadhana. She is so fortunate to have Baba speak to her...

Sai ankita said...

I am the regular visitor of Amma's mandir, .... its really great Sai SAnnidhi......u have done great work...

bhasker said...

Jai Sairam,

Baba Devotees, Please everyone read this complete story carefully..you woould realize many things about Baba instructions in Sivammatai's life and about this temple too..

and any time if you have any tough time give us a cal , my family can guide you to reach...

temple has been painted...now it is very beautiful...go and take baba's Blessings..
My No: 432-312-0457
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My HOme: 98865 63480
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Finally Temple Pandit G:09945531187

Lets all togehter:
Jai Shiridi Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai..

we all love you Baba..
Bless Sivamma tai..too..

bhasker said...

Hi Sir ,
Where is Bhikshawatar Pic..
Please kindly add if possible..

if you want give me your mail id,
i can forward it to..you so that you can add it..


deepika said...

sai ram...

any devotees can you tell me,when will i get baba blessings?

me and 1 guy loved each other.planned to get married.he brought his parents to my house,to see me.after that,we roamed for 6 months,then he cheated me.now,he is telling,i dont love you,i dont want to marry you.now,it has become a serious issue.

in front of their lawyer and our lawyer,,he said,,,,i am ready to sit in jail,,but,,,i dont marry you.

its been more than 1 year,m crying.but,baba is not answering me..then,whom should we ask?...wen i read about shivamma tayee,,i felt,,atleast,,if amma would be there,,i would have asked her for the solution.

there is no way for me,,,i cant forget that guy.
his parents also supporting their son,cheating me...

now,,after1 week,we are planning to file case against that guy..

what should i do?...how that guy will come back to me?

i have started sai 9 guruvaar vrath yesterday...

sai devotees,,please,,tell me,,where should i go? wen ever,i plan to attempt suicide,,baba will save me...

but,,,what is use of saving me?...again i have to cry.....same worst condition...

baba please help me....please take me out of these...

muthukrishnan said...

Dear SAIBANDHUS sainamaskarams, me MUTHUKRISHNAN from coimbatore, we as a team had a chance of having ammas blessings on her birthday celeberations at roopera agrahara, for which we still stand gratefull to BEEDA SAIT,(coimbatore), once even when we took dhuni from NRCOLONY TEMPLE to our NAGASAI MANDIR,i still remember those words amma said, you are taking baba with you, she said BABA is DHUNI and DHUNI is BABA. Amma is everliving for those who seek her refuge by keeping faith on BABA. MUTHUKRISHNAN

sairam ravi said...

Sorry for the late response, but how's the condition now? I'm Sairam, a Sai das. Mail me for help at hailpirates@gmail.com

sairam ravi said...

Sorry for the late response, but how's the condition now? I'm Sairam, a Sai das. Mail me for help at hailpirates@gmail.com