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Gangapur Sri Dattatreya Temple Darshan by Train from Bangalore

The Railway Station at Gangapur is called Gangapur Road. Bangalore to Ganagapur Road Rail Distance is 612 Kms. From Railway Station Ganagapur Road to Gangapur Town where Datta Maindir is situated is around 30 minutes journey by road.

The best mode to reach Ganagapur is by Udyan Express Train. It starts around about 8 pm from Bangalore and reaches Ganagapur Road station at 9 am next day. From here there are plenty of private transport Vehicles and few government run buses. The actual place to visit is Deval Ganagapur which is 25 kms from here.

About Accommodation:

There are lot of private lodges in Ganagapur but do not expect 5 star hotels. However best accommodate is Avadhoota Dattapeetham’s Sachidananda Ganapati Aashram, well you require prior permissions to stay here.

Apart from the above, there is a lodge run by the Archak family of Devala Ganagapur, the address is as mentioned below:

Sri Gurudatta Lodge

Ganagapur-585 212.

Gulbarga District.

Phone: 08470-274338

Places to see:

– The Datta Mandir
– Kalleshwara Temple
– Sangam and the Audumbara Tree

datta-mandir1kalleshwaraswayambuAudumbara TreeSangam

"Bhima-Amarja Sangam at Gangapur, is very sacred. There are Koti Theerthas there. The Aswatha Tree at Gangapur is as powerful as the KalpaVriksha. Near the Aswatha Tree is Narasimha Teertha, and northwards to it are the PapaVinasini Teertha, Varanasi Teertha, Rudrapada Teertha, Chakra Teertha, Koti Teertha, manmadha Teertha etc. There is the Kalleshwara temple there. It is as holy as Gokarna."


The Nirguna Padukas at Gangapur.

Worship – Pooja Manorath

One Time Puja

Pathapuja Rs. 61 Shri Saneswar Talabishek Rs. 151

Shri Ganapathi Puja Rs. 111 Sridurga Saptashti Rs. 151

Shri Gurucharitra Saptaah Rs. 251 Shri Dattatreya Ashtottra Rs. 201

Rudra Abhishek Rs.111/251/351 Shri Satyadatta Pooja Rs. 251

Madhukari Anadaan Rs. 111/201/301 Shri Datta Sahshtranaam Seva Rs. 251

Neveda Rs. 151 Nirguna Padukas Keshalpan Rs. 351

33 Bhraman Bhojan Rs. 1101 33 Danpati Bhojan Rs. 2101

All Seva in Rs. 551

Shri Gurucharitra Parayna Rs. 1501 Rudra Abhishek Rs. 1101

Shri Ganesh Abhishek Rs. 1501 Anadaan Rs. 1501

How to Perform Puja

Personally visit to Ganagapur and It takes 2-3 hours for pooja, consult poojari for Timings. Accommodation and Other arrangement will be done by Poojari on arrival. Recommend you to intimate in advance for proper arrangement.

Cost of Stay - Approx Rs. 150 - Rs. 500 per person
Cost of Food - Approx Rs. 30 - Rs. 100 per person

For performing Guru Paduka Pooja/Rudrabhishekam/Annadanam, kindly contact the Archak Mr.Govindbhat Gurubhat Pujari whose address is mentioned below:

Mr.Govindbhat Gurubhat Pujari

Near Chidanand Dharm Shala

Temple Ganagapur-585 212. Gulbarga District

Phone: 08470-274315

You may also contact Shrimaan Vilas Pujari / Sadashiv Pujari for performing Gurupaduka Pooja/Rudrabhishekam/Annadanam.

Never to miss “Madukari”

Madukari is a tradition here, it is believed that Lord Dattatreya had told the people that every day he would come to their homes for Biksha. So all the people visiting here need to participate in this. You are supposed to go for Biksha.


The saying of Dattatreya that he would visit houses for Bhiksha seems to be misinterpreted here. There is not a single place where you do not find baggers and they beg in the name of Dattatreya. Sometimes it really becomes difficult to differentiate baggers and non-baggers!!!

Return Journey

The Udyan express departs from Ganapur Road at 5:45 pm. It will reach Bangalore by 9 am.

Finally Have a Nice Trip!


Sai ankita said...

Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara......Great work....

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vedika said...

every god has animal as their wahan as in they loved those animals the most;guru dutta maharaj loved dogs and cow but if u go to his worship side like gaangapur u will see dog are not given even water to drink their treated like some dirt...why??? cant animal get love the way god gave them love.

same as above said...

gangapur kaa andhaa maharaj 56 mubararak ho tere longot ke aawadi tangammal kee saaree lahangey ko bey - andhaa maharaj tuu kyaa khaayaa aaj - aaj tujhey mahur kee renukaa ney kaun see roti khilaayaa bey - pudukkudi mey teree aulaadon ney tere longot ko parosaa yaa karanje mey teree ammaa ney teree thaali ko kyaa diyaa -

mainey sunaa thaa ki 24.04.2011 at 07.45 tere langot ko shobhaa chuuchee bhee khilaa rahee karke -

waah kyaa baat hai yaar andhaa maharaj awadi tangammaal kaa lahanagaa kaarkhaanaa -

mere baalon ko aur kyaa parosegaa bey teraa langot kaa baal.

chalen 27.12.04 at 12.35 kaa aur kuchh been ke khaanaa bey. jaa jaa

same as above said...

shri ganeshaya namah

shankargiri muttth - gangapur

bhole baba datt maharaj - 30.07.04 at 08.35 kaa puujan close mat karnaa datt maharaj .

enclosure mey 6.6.05 at 09.20 and 5.1.06 at 19.30 bhee hai jai 52 datt maharaj shankar giri mathh -

samast Magh puurnimaasi saptaah ke jatra waasiyon ko datt maharaj meree samast shubhkaamnaayen aur saadar namaskar abhuwaadan uprokt kaa samast sansaar jagat ko aasheerwaad - bagal mey hanumaanji kee jaya ho - kaalimaai kee jaya ho - aaj magh puunam kaa jo mangalwaar hai.

best regards.


same as above said...

Datt Maharaj ke jai jai bolo bolo - andhe chaahaa kee jaya jaya bolo.

Arey Tangam Bhateeja - tangam bhateeja - Tangam Bhateeja - andhaa chaachaa andhaa chaachaa andhaa chaachaa

dattatreyam dattatreyam Dattatreyam Dattatreyam.

Chapalam Juutam andhaa chaachaa
Tangam chaachaa Tangam chaachaa Tangam chaachaa tangam chaachaa

tangam chaachaa lahangaa chaachaa ohhhhhhhho tangam chaachaa lahangaa chaachaa -
30.07.04 at 08.35 ke bhateeje kee jaya jaya bolo bolo andhe maharaj ke jaya jaya bolo

arey 6.6.05 at 09.20 kee chaachiyaan - haan

chaachiyon kee jai jai bolo

dattatreyam dattatreyam dattatreyam dattatreyam 28.12.2012 at 18.00

snigdha G said...
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Arvind Pratap said...

Thanks a lot for information
!this is also great seva, the 1st timers will have real good help,
Om dhramm om gurudattaya namha India said...

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