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Pandharpur Shri Vitthal and Sri Rukmini Darshan by Train from Bangalore

Pandharpur does not have railway station. Solapur Jn(SUR) is a nearby train station connected to Bangalore.

Bangalore to Solapur Trains

* Trains to Solapur depart from 3 stations in Bangalore: Yesvantpur Jn (YPR), Bangalore Cy Jn (SBC) and Krishnarajapurm (KJM)



There is Bhakta Niwas for people who like to be comfortable. The charges here min Rs.300 approx.

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Pandharpur is a holy place of Shri.Vitthal and Shri.Rukmini. It is also known as the Southern Kashi of India and Kuldaivat of Maharashtra State. It is located at a distance of 72 kms by road. from Solapur District headquarters. The Pandharpur Railway Station falls on the Miraj-Kurduwadi-Latur railway track.




The ancient temple of Shri.Vitthal was renovated in 1195 A.D. There are many other temples of Indian Dieties and Mathas (Dharmshalas) of many Saints. The Chandrabhaga (Bhima) river flows through the City. Large number of devotees from all over Maharashtra and surrounding States gather at Pandharpur mainly to celebrate the Aashadhi and Kartiki Ekadashis every year in addition to the regular rush of devotees everyday. The Palaquins (Palakhi) of various Saints originating from various locations gather at Wakhari, five kms. from Pandharpur for the Waari festival.


The various daily rituals like Kakda Aarati, Mahapooja, Mahanaivedhya, Poshakh, Dhooparati, Padyapooja, Shejarti etc are performed in the main temple of Lord.Vitthal.

The following are the temples inside the main temple as one enters from Namdev Payari and come out of Pachhim Dwar of the temple.

Namdev Payari, Ganesh Mandir, Datta Mandir, Garud Mandir, Maruti Mandir, Chowrangee Devi Mandir, Garud Khamb, Narsimha Mandir, Ek-mukh Dattatraya Mandir, Rameshwar Lingam Mandir, Kala Bahirav Mandir, Laxmi-Narayan Mandir, Kashi-Vishwanath Mandir, Satya-Bhama Mandir, Radhika Mandir, Siddhi-Vinayak Mandir, Mahalakshmi Mandir, Venkateshwar Mandir, Kanhopatra Mandir, Ambabai Mandir, Shani-Dev Mandir, Nagnath Mandir, Guptaling Mandir and Khandoba Mandir

Places of Importance in Pandharpur

1. Sant Kaikadi Maharaj Math - It is on the north side of the town. It is a modern innovation depicting the methoes of the epic Gods and Saints. It may It may take minimum two hours to see the entire Math.
2. Sant Tanapure Maharaj Math
3. Gujarathi Devsthan - It is on the other side of the river Bhima. The pilgrims have to cross the river and visit the Shrinathji Temple.

Mookh Darshan

For the devotees who cannot spare long hours in queues for Padsparshadarshana one can have the Mookhdarshan. Bhakta or devotee can take darshan of Vitthal from the distance of about 25 metres and of Rukmini, from the distance of about 15 metres. It requires only 15 to 20 minutes for darshan. Darshan in Pandharpur has a distinctive meaning valued sentimentally by all devotees which does not obtain in any other temples in India.

Daily Ritualls in the Temple


Sale of Prasad and Photos

From 22.03.1985 onwards the Laddu Prasad was introduced and distributed inside the temple premises. Each Laddu is prepared in highly hygenic conditions and offered to Lord Vitthala and Rukmini as Naivedhya and thereafter they are sold as Prasad for the benefit of the devotees on the counters. From 01.05.1985, being a Silver Jubilee of Maharashtra Day, colour photos of Lord Vitthala and Rukmini are printed and sold at reasonable prices.Shri. Vitthal-Rukmini Temple Committee is dedicated to the devotees warkaris, by providing facilities for easy and quick darshana and performing sevas and poojas.

There is a mention by Shirdi Saibaba himself about the significance of Pandarapur in Chapter 7 of Sai Satcharitha the text of which is as mentioned below:

Going to Pandharpur and Staying There

I shall now close this Chapter after relating a story illustrating how Sai Baba loved His devotees and anticipated their wishes and movements. Mr. Nanasaheb Chandorkar, who was a great devotee of Baba, was Mamlatdar at Nandurbar in Khandesh. He got an order of transfer to Pandharpur. His devotion to Sai Baba bore fruit, as he got an order to go and stay at Pandharpur which is regarded as the ‘BHUVAIKUNTHA’ - Heaven on earth. Nanasaheb had to take immediate charge, so he left, immediately, for the place, without even writing or informing anybody at Shirdi. He wanted to give a surprise visit to Shirdi - his Pandharpur, see and salute his Vithoba (Baba), and then proceed. Nobody dreamt of Nanasaheb’s departure for Shirdi, but Sai Baba knew all about this, as His eyes were everywhere (omniscient). As soon as Nanasaheb approached Neemgaon, a few miles from Shirdi, there was stir in the Masjid at Shirdi. Baba was sitting and talking with Mhalsapati, Appa Shinde and Kashiram, when He at once said, "Let us all four do some Bhajan, the doors of Pandhari are open, let us merrily sing." Then they began to sing in chorus, the burden of the song being "I have to go to Pandharpur and I have to stay on there, for it is the house of my Lord." Baba sang and the devotees followed Him. In a short time Nanasaheb came there with his family, prostrated before Baba and requested Him to accompany them to Pandharpur and stay with them there. This solicitation was not necessary, as the devotees told Nanasaheb that Baba was already in the mood of going to Pandharpur and staying there. Hearing this Nanasaheb was moved and fell at Baba’s Feet. Then getting Baba’s permission, Udi (sacred ashes) and Blessings, Nanasaheb left for Pandharpur.
There is no end to Baba’s stories, but let me now make a halt here, reserving for the next Chapter other topics, such as importance of human life, Baba’s living on alms, Bayajabai’s service and other stories.

Hence Pandarapur Yathra is a must visit for all the sai devotees.

Finally have a very happy journey of Pandharpur Shri Vitthal and Sri Rukmini Darshan.


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