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Sripada Vallabha Kshetra Kuruvapur Darshan from Bangalore

SHRIKSHETRA KURUVAPUR is in Karnataka State, Dist.Raichur. It is situated on the Banks of Krishna River, 25 Km from Raichur. One can reach kuravpur by train or road from Bangalore.

Kuruvapur is about 30 kms distance from the district head quarter Raichur of Karnataka. There is bus facility from Raichur to Aathkur which is 1.5 hours journey. From Aathkur to Kuruvapur, every Person has to travel in Krishna river for 20 minutes in small boats or “butti”. (charge around 15 to 20 rupees).The connection Conveyance facility is available for each bus reaching Aathkur.


Accommodation at Kuruvapur : No lodging and boarding facilities are available at Kuruvapur. It is better to reach in the morning hours and should return in the evening by 5.00 p.m. Food packets, snacks, tiffins etc., have to be carried before reaching Kuruvapur. If at all one wants to stay at nights, the Pujaris of temple will arrange food (with prior intimation after reaching there) for a nominal amount and one has to take food and has to sleep in the premises of the mandir.


Bhagwan Shri Dattatrayas Kaliyuga's first incarnation is SHRIPAD SHRIVALLABH. His place of birth is PITHAPURAM (East Godavari). His working land (Karma Bhumi) & TAPSYA BHUMI is Shrikshetra Kuravpur, Dist. Raichur (Karnataka). His work and greatness is described in Dattatraya's Holy Book GURUCHARITRA in its Chapter No. 5 to 10. SHRIPAD SHRIVALLABH, himself lord incarnation staying there for upliftment of people and his behaviour made Shrikshetra Kuravpur a sacred land and holy place. The person who is fortunate enough to visit the land and take darshan will experience the calmness. It will be great experience of its kind in his life.


Importance of Kshetra : Kuruvapur is a famous place of lord Dattatreya. It is situated in the state of Karnataka In India.The first incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in kaliyuga is Sripada Vallabha. The birth place of Sripada vallabha is Pithapuram which is situated in Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. He was taken his birth in the family of Appalaraju Sarma and Sumathi. He has performed penance at about 35 years for Gnana, Viragya siddhi at Kuravapur and closed his avathara On Ashweeja bahula dwadasi (Hastha star) in Krishna river of Kuravapur . The day is known as “GURUDWADASI”. But till today he is in sukshma rupa there and giving indirect darshan to the devotees who are having full faith on him. This place Is termed as Gurudweepa in Scanda purana.


Scanda purana explained that 28000 yogis and siddhis of Himalayas were visited this place and had darshan of lord Dattatreya. This place was named as Kuruvalaya in the days of Nizam government Period. The place is completely surrounded by Krishna river and is called as Dweepa. Tembe swamy majaraj (Sri Vasudevananda saraswathy) performed “Chaturmasya vratha” here in the year of 1911.The disciples of Tembe swamy Sri Rangaavadhootha, Gunavani maharaj were also performed penance here.


SHRIKSHETRA KURAVPUR is in Karnataka State, Dist. Raichur. It is situated on the Banks of Krishna River, 25 Km from Raichur. It is an island surrounded by holy waters of rivers Krishna. SHRIKSHETRA KURAVPUR is also known as KURGUDDI. This holy land is donated by a Rajak devotee. Since it is donated to temple priest, it is called AGRAHAR Temple is built as per Hemad Pandit Style. Old Banyan Tree, Audumbar, Gaytri Suryodasana and Cave where his holyness Sripad Srivallabh has done Dhyna. Now the cave has been refurnished and Nirgun Paduka (Foot Print) are kept for Darshan. Nagarkhana has been built by SHRI TUKDOJI HOLKAR. PARAMPUJYA VASUVANANDA SARASWATI MAHARAJ came to this place in 1911 (Vaishakh Shukla 6.) Maharaj did his 21st Chaturmas during his stay. A scorpion bite him when he missed his daily stostra offering prayers to shripad Shrivallabh is also one of the attractions. Mandir Utsav and religious rites performed here are a legacy of Parampujya Vasusanand Sarawati Maharaj. Parampujya Shridhar Swami has also stayed here. In the recent times Dattasam ptradayees Parampugya Gulavani Maharaj, Rangavdhut Maharaj, Nana Maharaj Taranekar, Mama Deshpande have done the Tapasya at this holy place. Recent period Datt Bhakta Also completed the construction work in Puratan Vatvruksha & also Audumbaras. Construction work of Shivaling and caves narrow point, part rooms also constructed for "Sadhakas". P.P. Vasudevanand Saraswati Dharamsala is also constructed. Shridhar Bhavan constructed work is completed.


Important places to visit at Kuruvapur : Sripada vallabha paduka mandir, 1000 years vata vriksha, The cave where Tembe swamy maharaj performed penance, oudumbar vriksha, Sreepada mudras on otherside of the river, Datta mandir at Sri Vithal Baba ashram.


Festivals & Daily programmes at Shrikshetra Kuravpur

At Shrikshetra various festivals are celebrated which are as follows:-

•Shripad Vallabh Jayanti - Bhadrapada Shukla 4
•GuruDwadashi - Ashwin Vadya 12
•Dattajayanti Margshirsha - Yadaya Shu 13 to Vadya 2
•Maha Shivratra
•Maghuvadya Pratipada / Shri Gurupratipada.

Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara;

Digambara Digambara Avudhootha Chinthana



Rao said...

The information provided is very much good and helpful. I wish to inform that on the opp bank of Krishna river Sri Dattatreya Temple is establsihed where in devotees can stay and have the blessings of Pa Pa Sri Sri Sri Swamy Vittalananda Sarswathi Maharaj who is providing the facilities like stay, boarding etc., Devotees can also have the holy darshan of Suryanamaskaram Banda where at Sri Pada Vallabha Swamy used to perform daily suryanamaskarams, Sahaja Ganapathi and Trisulam etc. In Datta temple approximately 6 ft hieght Saligrama Datta Statue is also established. Devotees can cross the river and reach Kuruvapur and have darshan of Sri Padukas and come back comfortably.

Chandra Mouli said...

In August 2007 while working in Kurnool I happened to visit Kurupuram. It was the first occasion to visit the Kshetra. I was deeply felt happy and peaceful on that. Following day was the holy New Moon Day. On that day in the early hours I observed THARPANAS to my DWADASA PITARU in Krishna River. I made only one night halt in the temple. The Arkachas were kind enough and offered to me tea and lunch. They had charged very very little. In my opinion every Datta bhaktha in particular and all in general should visit the Kshetra.
- G. Chandramouli,
O/o Supdt. of Post Offices,
Anantapur Division,
Anantapur-515 001.
Mobile: 9490446743.

Na Manasu said...

Thanks for information
Jai Guru datta
Sri Paada Raajam Saranam Prapadye

Himanshuk said...

I visited on 24 oct, shripada is gupta at this day and going again on
coming 24 feb, i love this place and want to live here for my entire life that what i thought ...shripad rajam sharanam prapadye !!!

thammavarapu Krishnaveni said...

we totally 7 members our family & my peddanana,peddamma started in a qualies at night 2 P.M from Saroornagar through Mahaboobnagar,Maktal and reached riverbank at 6 P.M. UPTO MAKTAL IN RAICHUR/MANTRALAYAM ROAD.from Maktal,we have to take left cross before a petrol bank through village for 1 hour journey.we bathed in river Krishna near SREE VITTALANANDA SARASWATHI MAHARAJ ASHRAM.THEN we engaged bhuti and crossed is really a thrilling memory.we reached datta temple & performed PANCHAAMURUT ABHISHEKAM TO DATTAPEET.It tookover 2 hours.i never experienced such a detailed & bhakti & Veda purvak abhishekam EARLIER.Lateron we visited Guha where he did Thapasu, and in upstairs he did darshan of Lord Shiva & 1000 years Oudhambar Tree(Medi vrukshyam). the Pujaris offered a traditional delicious Lunch along with prasadam, Lateron we saw a beautifully decorated Lord Datta. Lateron we paid 501/- each for abhishek and Annadhanam & returned this same way we reached.This Journey is a really memorable & everyone is to be there....

bhanu said...

Longing to visit this holy place. Call from Sri Guru is awaited. Jai Guru DattaπŸ’πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’

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Priya Vasan said...

Thigambarah Thigambarah Sri Pada Vallabha Thigambarah
Avathuurtha Sinthana Sri Gurudevah Thaththa

Priya Vasan said...

Today is Perumal pirantha dinam
Sri Pada Vallabha potri potri potri
Like to visit to Guruvapuram but ..
Happy Birthday Deva

Deepankuram said...

Om dhram datthathreya namaha

uj said...

This is very informative . Thank you for this blog. It is very useful finding how to reach there and what is the importance of this place in detail.

Unknown said...

Crossing river is compulsory? No bridge constructed?