Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Devotee Experiences/Sai Leelas

Sairam Devotees,

We are trying to collect Devotee Experinces of Shirdi Saibaba's Miracles in their personal lives and publish the same for the benefit of Sai Devotees. The names mentioned below are changed to maintain the secrecy of the Identity.

We would urge Saidevotees to mail their personal expiernces of Shirdi Sainath Maharaj by writing to us @ so that we can publish the same for the benefit of lakhs of sai devotees.

Experience 1

Wondorous Shirdi Saibaba "Udhi" completely eradicates "Asthama" of a Bangalore Devotee

It was around the year 1989. Mr.Ramesh had just finished his degree and was working for a private firm for a very small salary. He was suffering from Severe Asthama problem in addition to the financial problems of his family. He never new about Shirdi Saibaba at that time. There was a person by name Mr.Nagesh who was a colleague of Mr.Ramesh. Mr.Nagesh used to always uttering sainath's name and he would greet every body with the word "Sairam" whenever somebody wishes him with a "Hai" or "Hello". Mr.Ramesh who was very close to Mr.Nagesh was curious with the way Mr.Nagesh used to respond to people around him.

One day Mr.Nagesh asked Mr.Ramesh to come with him to Shirdi for Saibaba's darshan and told him that all his problems shall be solved if he comes to Shirdi and had darshan of Sri.Sainath Maharaj. But, Mr.Ramesh did not have money to spend at that particular time as the trip expenses would be around Rs.1500/- which was too much for Mr.Ramesh and hence he declined to travel to Shirdi. But, Baba had some other plans for his devotee. Mr.Nagesh and his close friend Mr.Arvind forced Mr.Ramesh to come to Shirdi and asked him to pay the money later. Mr.Ramesh agreed to join them along with 13 others on their journey to Shirdi.

All went well as per plan and everyone had very nice darshan of Shri.Sainath Maharaj. The moment Mr.Ramesh saw Shirdi Saibaba at Samadhi Mandir he gained some confidence that what Mr.Nagesh and Mr.Arvind were telling about Saibaba was true and he felt some change in his mental and physical status at once.

After having nice darshan all of them started on their journey back to Bangalore by Karnataka Express. It was around 2 AM when suddenly Mr.Ramesh developed breathlessness and started gasping for breath.Mr.Arvind and Mr.Nagesh immediately attended to Mr.Ramesh by putting Baba's sacred Udhi into Mr.Ramesh's mouth and asked him to chant "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI". Mr.Ramesh started chanting the Sai Taraka Mantra and slept that night peacefully without any trouble. In the morning, as usual Mr.Ramesh wanted to take the tablet for Asthma but to his surprise he did not have any breathing problem at all. Before coming to Shirdi he used to take 3 Deriphyllin Retard Tablets daily to maintain his health problem. But, that day onwards he stopped taking tablets as he did not face any major breathing problem.

Occassionally, whenever he used to face breathing problem, he started using Udhi instead of tablet and used to chant Sai Taraka Mantra.

This way Sainath Maharaj cured the illness of Mr.Ramesh and Mr.Ramesh became an ardent devotee of Sri.Sainath Maharaj and started going to Shirdi every year and also used to spread Sai Leela to people around him and used to take them to Shirdi along with him every year.

Experience 2

Shirdi Saibaba "arranges sleeper births to 3 sai devotees" and " brings back to life a bangalore devotee's mother who was knocking the door of death"

It was 20th of July 2009. Mr.Srikanta's friend Mr.Rajesh called him and told him that he along with one of his friends Mr.Praveen planning to visit Shirdi on 22nd July 2009 and asked Mr.Srikanta also to join. Mr. Srikanta at that time was suffering from suspected Chickengunya a kind of viral fever coupled with severe joint pain. Mr.Srikanta who was ailing from fever and having no money to travel politely refused to join Mr.Rajesh. But, Mr.Rajesh forced Mr.Srikanta to join and told him that he will bear all the expenses and also told him that he along with his 15 friends have formed a Trust by name "Shri Dwarakamai Seva Trust" in Rajajinagar and wants to buy a Dwarakamai Baba Statue and Paduka for that purpose at Shirdi. Finally, Mr.Srikanta relented to Mr.Rajesh's request and agreed to join him. Mr.Rajesh immediately contacted Mr.Praveen, but Mr.Praveen refused to join as that was a New Moon day and total solar eclipse day and told Mr.Rajesh that it was not safe to travel on that particular day. Then, Mr.Rajesh requested Mr.Venugopal who was another trust member to join him along with Mr.Srikanta for the Shirdi Trip. Mr. Venugopal is an ardent Sai Devotee and he will do anything and everything only as per Saibaba's instructions by putting a Chit infront of Saibaba. Mr.Venugopal told Mr.Rajesh that he will put a chit and if baba agrees he would join the trip. He put a chit and baba gave the green signal to come to Shirdi. Immediately, Mr.Rajesh rushed to railway station booking counter and booked 3 tickets to Kopergaon. Unfortunately, it was a waiting list ticket with waiting list nos.137, 138 and 139 respectively for the onward journey by Karnataka Express and for the return journey he got the confirmed ticket from Pune on 25th July 2009 by Udyan Express. Mr.Rajesh called and informed Mr.Srikanta about the same and asked him to get ready for Sai Darshan. Finally the journey day came. It was 22nd July 2009. Mr.Srikanta started from his residence to Railway station and reached there around 5:45 PM. He immediately called Mr.Rajesh and asked him for the PNR number to check the status of the ticket. Mr.Rajesh messaged the PNR number and Mr.Srikanta checked the PNR Status. It was waiting list Nos.17,18,19, meaning one is not allowed to board the sleeper coaches but can board the general compartment coach. Mr.Srikanta was disappointed on seeing the waiting list numbers and called Mr.Rajesh again and at that time Mr.Rajesh and Mr.Venugopal were in Rajajinagar Saibaba Temple to have darshan before coming to Shirdi. Mr.Rajesh told Mr.Srikanta that he and Mr.Venugopal will be there by another 15 minutes in the Railway Station and told Mr.Srikanta not to worry too much. Mr.Srikanta started chanting "Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai" repeatedly till Mr.Rajesh and Mr.Venugopal arrived at the Railway Station. Immediately all the 3 went to a TC and asked him for the Status of the ticket and the TC told them that it was waiting list Nos.17,18 and 19 and nothing can be done by him as the train was full to its capacity. However, he told to contact another TC who was standing near the next coach. Immediately, the 3 rushed to another TC and requested him to arrange for a sleeper birth. But, the TC told them that nothing can be done but told them to board S4 compartment and wait there for him. All the 3 were very happy to hear this and took their luggage and started moving towards S4 compartment. While moving Mr.Srikanta once again went to the TC and requested him to arrange for a sleeper birth for the 3 and told him that they are going to see Shirdi Saibaba. One does not know what happened to the TC except Shirdi Saibaba; The TC immediately told the 3 to occupy Seat Nos.41,42,43 in coach number S4. Mr.Srikanta and his friends were very happy on hearing this and they immediately rushed to S4 coach and occupied seat numbers 41,42, 43 as directed by the TC. The train started on time at 7:20 PM and the TT never turned up to these 3 people and even another TC who checked the tickets did not say anything. Only Saibaba knows what happened to the 3 persons who booked the ticket Nos.41,42,43 and they did not turn up at all. Ultimately, Mr.Srikanta, Mr.Rajesh and Mr.Venugopal went to Shirdi with a Waiting List ticket but confirmed sleeper births by none other than Saibaba himself without paying any extra money to TC. This was the first miracle of Sri Sainath Maharaj. All the 3 went to Shirdi and had nice darshan and Arthi's as per plan. On 24th July 2009 they went to a shop and purchased the Idol of Dwarakami Saibaba and Saibaba Paduka and got the pooja done at Samadhi Mandir, Dwarakamai and Chavadi. They went back to lodge at 2:30 PM and by that time there were 15 missed calls in Mr.Rajeh's mobile phone from his brothers, sisters and wife. Mr.Rajesh immediately called his wife only to know that his mother is serious and has been admitted to a hospital and she is in Intensive Care Unit and doctors have asked to inform everybody as she was not responding to treatment and that her sugar levels have gone up and they are not able to inject blood and glucose to her. She told Mr.Rajesh to rush back immediately. Mr.Rajesh checked for the flight availability from Pune but the last flight from Pune to Bangalore was at 5:30 PM and the early morning flight the next day was only at 1:30 PM. It was already 2:30 and it was impossible to reach Pune in 3 Hours and board the last flight to bangalore. Immediately it dawned on Mr.Srikant that there was a Volvo Bus from Shirdi to Bangalore at 4 PM and he advised Mr.Rajesh to go to Bangalore by that Bus so that he will be there in Bangalore by 10 AM the next day. Mr.Rajesh contacted the travel desk at the hotel and they arranged for the Bus Ticket to Bangalore. Fortunately, only one ticket was available and Mr.Rajesh got the ticket. Mr.Rajesh went to Khandoba Mandir along with his friends in an auto rickshaw and prayed there for about 15 minutes and reached the bus station by 3:30 PM. He started on his return journey to Bangalore by the 4 PM volvo bus and told his friends Mr.Srikanta and Mr.Venugopal to come by train the next day. Mr.Rajesh reached bangalore next day around 10:45 AM and immediately rushed to hospital. He applied Saibaba's sacred Udhi on his mother's forehead and she was taken for "Endoscopy". By the time the report came the results of Endoscopy was negative and there was no major problem seen by the Doctors. Her Sugar which had shot up had come down and she started responding to treatment. Finally, she got discharged from the hospital on 30th July 2009 which was a Thursday.

In this way Shirdi Saibaba showed the 3 devotees that he was with them throughout their journey and he wanted Mr.Rajesh to come to Shirdi only to save his mother's life.


Rajashekar said...

Very Heartful Experience, its really wonderful to see and know, how Sai Baba adores and blesses his devotees, how he takes care of his devotees is something amazing to feel and experience. Blessed are the people how come under the shelter of Sai Baba. Only aim of a human soul should be spent in God Realization. If this is kept as a sole aim in life, life journey begins and every phase you can witness miracles, with miracles you can experience the touch of God. May God Bless everyone with miracles.

Rajashekar said...

Body is a vehicle to realize God, Man should always practice good ness, good diet to maintain and preserve this body. The body should be used to realize god, hence Patanjali has given us Yoga Sutras, by practicing Yoga the body is preserved, but in modern times due to lack of good living, man has only decayed his body and has also passed on the weak genes to his future generations. All this can be reversed by practice of Yoga.

Human Race is the greatest race on earth if we indulge in god realization. We cannot say its greatest just because it has the capacity to earn money, wealth etc., People just indulge in work, works hard, entangles in worldly things and does not give importance to health and thereby contracts in ill health. Simple Living, having good satsang, keeping diet to satvik food and small changes in living style helps to preserve good health.

The more roboust the body is the better it can be used to realize God. Yes All power lies within self, to discover it, we require the help of Gurus and Gods.

Saibaba used to help many, by giving his Udi, he has cured many diseases he had great power to cure many, who came to seek good health. Its quite wonderful to know how the astma patient got cured. Its a beautiful sharing given and this sharing helps to build faith in the Guru and God.

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